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New Staff joins Physics & Astronomy

Sept. 2002: Jonah Hare joined our staff as the Instructional Lab Director for the GE Labs in October, 2002. He received his B.S. and M.S. at UCLA where he worked under Ian McLean in the Condensed Matter Lab. He also worked part time at Santa Monica College as an astronomy instructor. Before taking his current position at USC, he worked at Celestron as an engineer on software and electronics for automated telescopes.

Jonah says, it is nice to be back in an academic environment. Ive enjoyed working with the faculty so far, and I look forward to working with them more. I am impressed with the GE laboratory, and I will maintain its high level. I believe that students learn the most from their lab work when they can relate what they have learned and apply to their everyday lives. I want to find ways to help them make the connection between physics and their world.

Gokhan Esirgen joined our staff as the Instructional Lab Director for the Service Labs in October, 2002. He received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering and physics at Booazici University in Istanbul, Turkey in 1992 shortly thereafter. He came to USC to work on his Ph.D. in Physics under the supervision of Dr. Gene Bickers on his dissertation on high-temperature superconductivity. He received his Ph.D. in the fall of 1997 and moved to the University of Georgia in Athens and continued research with Professor Heinz-Bernd Schuttler. In 1999 he came back to California and continued his postdoctoral research at UC Davis with Professor Richard T. Scalettar and also Dr. Andrew K. McMahan.

Gokhan says, my main goal is to develop a lab program with an increased number of modern experiments. I will also be working with the teaching assistants to become more effective in their teaching methods. I will be very happy to contribute to improving the undergraduate education in the Physics Department as well as to be a part of the graduate program through my interaction with the teaching assistants and the faculty. I am glad to be back at USC as a staff member.

We would like to welcome both recent staff Jonah and Gokhan to the Physics & Astronomy Department. Recent staff changes include Robert Knol moving into the position of Director, Undergraduate Affairs and Mary Beth Hicks taking over the position held by Margo Burrows as the Coordinator for outreach activities for the department.

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