Nicholas P. Warner Wins Raubenheimer Award

Congratulations to Professor Nicholas Warner, winner of the prestigious Raubenheimer Award, the highest honor of the college. Established in 1980, this honor is presented annually by the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences to exceptional faculty members within each of the College's three disciplines (humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences) who have excelled in the areas of teaching, research, and service to the University. In addition to this recognition, Dr. Warner will receive a prize of $3,000 applied toward his research.

Professor Warner received a bachelor's degree in Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from the Australian National University in 1978. He received his Ph.D. in 1982 from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Dr. Stephen W. Hawking. Since Dr. Warner joined our faculty in 1990, he has made an enormous contribution to the mission of our department and the University as a whole.

Nick Warner is an exceptional researcher. His work spans elementary particle physics and the mathematics of supersymmetry. Dr. Warner is able to extend the application of his work to a broad range of other topics outside traditional particle physics, including condensed matter physics. His colleagues characterize his work as being highly original and in some cases he has permanently changed the course of existing fields. In addition, Nick has played a large role in bringing two international conferences to USC.

Professor Warner is frequently published and his works are consistently cited as leading works in the field. He has been invited to serve on many important committees, including the General Education Task Force where his contribution led to the success of the committee and the ultimate acceptance of the College's general education plan. Dr. Nick Warner has received constant support for his work from the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy with his proposals being consistently rated as excellent