On Behalf of the USC Chapter of the Society of Physics Students, we wish to welcome you.
Although SPS, as is commonly coined, has been in existence at USC since 1972, the association has at times taken hiatus, with the departure of conventionally undergraduate officers in pursuit of higher degrees. As your co-presidents, it is our intent to establish a regiment more consistent with that passage of time, in an effort to ensure continuity from one administration to the next.
In addition, it is our hope to have SPS serve not only as a close-knit community of those interested in Physics, but of those interested in the sciences. This goal, we hope to have fruition, through our monthly gatherings, which will encapsulate a myriad of topics, including variations ranging from lectures given by USC's 1994 Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. George Olah, trips to NASA'sJet Propulsion Laboratory, to Graduate School Admissions dos and doníts, and student researcher orations.
It is with great ebullience that we look forward to serving you for the coming year, in addition to hearing from you with all questions and concerns we may address.
Respectfully Yours,
USC Society of Physics Students