USC Physics & Astronomy

Teaching-Assistant Office Hours
Fall 2003


Department of Physics and Astronomy graduate students are available from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Thursday September 2, 2003 through December 4, 2003 to assist students with any Physics or Astronomy course. Notice that this does not include the finals week.

The Graduate Assistants will hold office hours according to the following schedule in Seeley G. Mudd (SGM) Rm. 409.

NOTE: Students enrolled in Physics or Astronomy classes other than those listed here are also free to ask assistance of the graduate students.






10 - 11

Kate Mussack

Tameem Albash

Nick Baicoianu

Sachin Telang

11 - 12

Martin Var Banov

David Parker

Yi-Chun Chen

Ling Lu

12 - 1

Veselin Filev

Ognyan Oreshkov

Lei Guo

Yuliang Du

1 - 2

Jun Yoshikawa

Sridhar Ramanujan

Jason Thalken

Jeff Nuttall

1 - 2

Amy Cassidy

Tieniu Li

Dan Mao

Julian Sheats

2 - 3

Bora Orcal

Chih-Wei Wang

Ting Luo

Bing Feng

2 - 3

Cong Peng

Vadim Yasnov

Hao Zhou

Richard Clark

3 - 4

Bingxing Li

Zizhe Cai

Chethan Gowdigere

Rong Yu

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