Transfering Physics Courses

In order to transfer Physics or Astronomy courses to USC, the course must be reviewed. This review will determine whether the course in question is equivalent to any USC course. The first step for any student is to determine whether transfering courses is allowed. Check the registrars transfering courses page to determine your eligibility.

When equivalencies are established, they are entered into the articulation database for California Community Colleges or Local four year colleges which is maintained by the USC Registrar. This is the first place to check to see if the course you are interested in taking has already been reviewed. If your course shows an equivalency, then the transfer is automatic. Simply take the course and have your transcripts sent to USC. The course will show up on your transfer credit statement and STARS report.

If your course does not show an equivalency, then more work is required. You must obtain a copy of the syllabus for the course and submit it to the Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Office (SGM 407) for review. Alternatively, you can have a syllabus faxed directly to the department (213.740.8094). Once the syllabus has been reviewed, the articulation database will be updated and you will be notified of the result of the review (which means you must also provide an e-mail address or phone number so we can contact you).

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us directly.

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