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Teaching-Assistant Office Hours Fall 2007


Department of Physics and Astronomy graduate students are available from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Monday through Thursday from Aug 29 – Dec 11, 2007, to assist students in any undergraduate 100 or 200 level Physics or Astronomy course.

Office Hours are not held during finals week.

The Graduate Assistants will hold office hours according to the following schedule in Seeley G. Mudd (SGM) Rm. 409.

All TAs need to swipe their student ID card at the start AND end of their office hours.  The card reader is found in the TA office near the light switch.  (Just as a reminder we stress that swiping any card other than your own is illegal and considered falsification of time records.  USC deals with this violation surprisingly harsh)







10 - 11

Greg Quiroz

Lei Guo

Lukas Baumgartel

Scott Pendleton

11 - 12

Siddhartha Santra

Zuwei Liu

Chih-Ying Lin

Anirban Das

12 - 1

Yueh-Cheng Kuo

Liye Zhang

Chuanxi Wang

Shih-Hung Chen

12 - 1

Wan-Jung Kuo

Letian Ding

Min Woo Suh

Yung-Ching Liang

1 – 2

Yi-Chen Chang

Yung-Hsu Lin

Hsiao Hsuan Lin

Yaqi Tao

1 – 2

Chia-Chi Chang

Veselin Filev

Rodrigo Muniz

Wen Zhang

2 – 3

Zach Levine

Aditya Raghavan

Hikmet Dursun

Ming Ji

2 – 3

Guillaume Quelin

Kausik Roy Choudhury

Not to be filled

Ming-Chak Ho

3 – 4

Arnab Kundu

Hao Xu

Benjamin Gross

Bora Orcal






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