Images from Dr. Rhodes's Astr100 and Astr400 classes to MWO

The Meade 16" LX200 Telescope on the morning of the total lunar eclipse, 08/28/07. This was a student field trip for the Astro400 class at USC.

Moon during mid-eclipse on 08/28/07. Image was captured with a digital Canon Rebel XT, at prime focus of the Meade 16" LX200.
click to see a Flash animation of the eclipse
click to see a Quicktime animation of the eclipse

Prof. Rhodes and Don Nicholson in the historic auditorium at MWO.

Prof. Rhodes discussing the field of Helioseismology to students
outside the 60 Foot Solar Tower.

Fall 2003 Astronomy 100 class on field trip to Mt. Wilson.

USC buses ... "Fight On!".

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